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Jinzihao introduces Guangdong combustion engine accessories and Guangdong flame detectors.

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Jinzihao introduces Guangdong combustion engine accessories and Guangdong flame detectors.

Guangdong flame detector is one of the most important accessories in the combustion accessories of Guangdong. Let's make a brief introduction to combustor accessories and flame detectors.

One, combustor accessories:

Program controller, pressure sensor, proportional regulator, valve actuator, solenoid valve, thermostat, electric eye, transformer, ignition rod, leak detection, filter, heater and so on; burner program controller: LOA24, LAL2.25, LFL1.322, LGB21.350, LGB21.330; pressure sensor: PT100; 3, proportional regulator: KS40-1 Valve actuator: 1055/23, SQM10; temperature controller: L170, EMF-23 (single), EMF-23 (double), ROB50, EMF-5L; electric eye: QRB1, QRB3, QRA2, QRA10, RAR7; (small), 1/2 "(middle), 1" (large); heater: EV2D, EV2B.

Two. Type of flame detector:

1. Photosensitive flame detection: MZ770, QRB, QRC series

2. Infrared filter flame detection: LRD, C7015A

3. Ultraviolet flame detectors for burners: UVZ780, UVZ970, QRA series

4, industrial ultraviolet flame detector: C7027A, C7035A, C7044A 5, high quality ultraviolet flame detection: C7012A/C/E/F, C7076A/D

The above is a brief introduction of burner accessories and flame detectors. If there is any doubt, please call for consultation. Contact: 18959771872, official website: www.jinzihao.com

Jin Zi (Fujian) combustion equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in combustor accessories, heat energy accessories and integrating industry and trade. Since its establishment, the company has developed into one of the suppliers of domestic heat energy accessories in accordance with the tenet of honesty, professional and enthusiasm, and has established a perfect market in China. Sales network, sales outlets throughout Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities. Products are moving towards serialization and gradually obtaining relevant CE certification so as to better penetrate the European and American markets.