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The application of the flame detector in Fujian Jinzihao

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The application of the flame detector in Fujian Jinzihao

Flame detector: its main function is to monitor the formation of flame and generate signal reporting program controller.

There are mainly three kinds of flame detectors: photosensitive resistor, ultraviolet UV electric eye and ionization electrode.

Flame detector www.jinzihao.com/ is one of the indispensable parts of the burner, how the flame detector works, there are many brands of flame detector. At present, the burner flame detector using the principle of radiant light energy is a widely used, and more effective method of burner flame detector. The principle of measuring the intensity of radiation is to use the probe to receive the radiation emitted by the flame and judge the existence or absence of the flame according to its strength. Because of the different detection bands, it can be divided into ultraviolet, visible, infrared and full radiation flame detection. The flame detection signal comes from ultraviolet detectors and smoke detectors. The flame detector has three separate detection tubes for detecting ultraviolet radiation at a wavelength of 190 to 270nm. When the radiation of the flame reaches the cathode of one of the probes, the electron beam radiates. The electron beam acts on the ionized gas filled with the detection tube, thus emitting more electrons and producing avalanche conditions. More electrons are released, producing a transient electron flow between the cathode and the anode. The rate of instantaneous electron flow (pulse) proportional to the intensity of ultraviolet radiation occurs repeatedly. The frequency of the pulse is changed into voltage in the detector and transmitted to the burner controller. Ultraviolet and infrared probes are used to detect the spectrum of different parts. Only when the 2 probes detect the corresponding spectra at the same time, the ultraviolet and infrared probes will have output, which avoids the false alarm caused by the use of ultraviolet or infrared probes, such as lightning, arc welding and so on. The flame probe has two relay outputs, and the normally closed point of its failure relay is connected with the terminal resistance and connected to the constant opening point of the flame relay. When the probe is faulty, the fault relay acts and produces a fault (open circuit) signal. When the flame is detected, the flame relay acts and outputs an alarm signal. The UV / IR has an automatic oi test function, which is tested about once a minute to check the cleanliness of the probe lens, the sensitivity of the sensor and the function of the internal electronic circuit. If the fault is detected three times in a row, the probe will output a fault signal. The flame detectors of Black & Decker burner and Riyal burner are also extended based on the above theory.